The law offices of Roy J. Kahn, P.A., have been serving clients since 1985 and is board certified in criminal law practice. Roy J. Kahn, with a bilingual staff, provides legal defense services for:

  • Anyone targeted in a state attorney investigation
  • Anyone targeted by a Grand Jury
  • Anyone called as a witness in a Grand Jury investigation
  • White collar/economic crime
  • Mortgage fraud
  • Homicide
  • Narcotics charges
  • Civil forfeiture of property used in committing a crime or gained as a result of illegal activity
  • Domestic violence
  • Tax evasion and avoidance
  • Health care fraud
  • International litigation involving extradition to the U.S.

Our firm is qualified to handle the defense in federal cases in all 50 of the U.S. states.

We can be contacted 24 hours a day; in emergency situations we can meet with a prospective client immediately. To provide expert support for our clients, our firm employs retired federal investigators, former police officers and experts in other fields as well.

Could You Be A Drug Dealer and Not Know It?

When you think of a drug dealer most people have a specific vision in their mind of what they look like. A common vision of a drug dealer involves someone standing on a street corner waiting for their next customer to come along. But, did you know the vision of a drug...

What To Do If You Were Involved In A Crime

Have you been arrested for committing a crime? If you or someone you know was involved in a crime you need to seek legal assistance immediately. Whether the crime was intentional or not, you need a defense team that will guide you through the process. First, you need...

Types of Bank Fraud

Bank Frauds have become extremely common nowadays. The advancement of technology has made things easier for scammers.  They have been using a variety of techniques to steal your money or identity, thereby making it vulnerable. Taking the right measures to protect...

Protected: What Happens After Being Arrested for Drug Possession in Florida?

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Medicare Fraud and Abuse: What is it exactly?

Medicare fraud and abuse is a serious offense and is punishable to the full extent of the law. Generally, Medicare abuse is when a provider fails to follow good medical practices. One of the most common illegal practices involves performing services that aren’t...

Not Convicted: Is Your Record Clean?

Did you get arrested but not convicted? Usually, the judge or others involved will tell you that you have a clean record. But, sometimes this isn’t true. Generally, people find this out when they are applying for a job, apartment or other life necessity that requires...

How to Avoid Mortgage Fraud

Mortgage Frauds are on the rise as scammers are coming up with new plotting schemes to cheat people and entities for money.  It usually involves the misinterpretation of facts, figures and financial transactions that eventually forms the motive for mortgage frauds....

Common White-Collar Crimes

White collar crimes are typically described as crimes committed through the process of deceit and are motivated by financial gains. There’s a wide spectrum related to white collar crimes but the most common ones involve fraud, embezzlement, evasion of tax and also...

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